Taik™ - Profile cutter
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Easily connect sturdy wood together for all your DIY and woodworking projects. Make your next professional-quality project with the Taik ™ 45 ° Router Bit.

How does it work?

1. Order the profile cutter and receive it for FREE at home!

2. Place the router in your table router or woodworking machine.

3. Bring your objects to be processed along the router and it cuts out the shape.

4. Place the objects together and you have a perfect angle of 45 degrees.

Benefits during woodworking

.: Premium material - This router bit has a solid hardened steel body with an Anti-Kickback design, smooth rotation, and ultra-sharp blades for a tight groove. 
.: Suitable for multiple materials - The bit can cut and engrave many different types of materials including solid wood, density board, MDF, chipboard, splint, and much more. Avoid cutting metal and non-wood materials.
.: Unique design - The 45-degree design makes it possible to connect two wooden materials at an angle of 90 degrees. In addition, multiple notches ensure a very strong connection. 
.: Versatile woodworking - With this 45-degree router bit you can easily create a wooden drawer, window, cabinet, or any other woodworking project by hand.
.: Precision & Pure - With this miter tool with high rotation and precise cuts you can make fast and clean grooves in your project material so that you always get a clean, smooth, and error-free woodworking result.
.: Wide in use - Easy to attach to all table milling and woodworking machines.


Through several cuts, the bit creates interlocking grooves that provide a strong mechanical lock that makes woodwork such as a frame, shed, wardrobe, or even cabinet project much easier and firmer to hold. The connection does not slide apart due to intense pressure but rather ensures that the connection becomes even tighter.


The raised elongated connector ensures that the connection is even stronger than a normal wood-wood connection. Machining parts with the Taik ™ Router Bit is simple: with the milling height set, a part is milled horizontally on the router table, while the corresponding part is milled vertically. The bit is ideal for connecting drawers, cupboard parts, and for building 4-sided columns.


The 45 ° router bit should certainly not be missing from your collection of bits. It is an addition to your collection while building cabinets, decking, sheds, or other DIY projects. 


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