Taik™ - Blind rivet tongs
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Do you also want to place simple rivets anytime, anywhere, even when it seems almost impossible?

The Taik™ Blind rivet pliers are the easiest way to connect materials and surfaces such as steel. The Premium Easy Semi-Automatic Rivet Tool Set offers a customizable way to attach or repair body parts, bicycle fixings or even metal plate roofing and much more!

Advantages of the riveting pliers
✔ Effortlessly connect all surfaces.

✔ Semi-automatically, as soon as you move the rod towards each other, the rivet locks into place.

✔ All required sizes are supplied with these pliers.

✔ You don't need expensive, complicated or limp devices and connections such as: welding or soldering devices, glue joints or a click connection.

When attaching multiple materials or surfaces to each other you often run into the problem that you can only reach one side. This makes it impossible, for example, to attach two beams to each other using a normal screw. Steel materials can only be easily attached to each other by means of blind rivet pliers.

When do I use blind rivet pliers?

Blind rivet pliers are used to connect metal sheet material to each other by means of a pop rivet or blind rivet. With this technique, the materials only need to be accessible from one side to attach the two materials to each other.

How to use?

  1. The rivet is pushed into the hole of the parts to be joined. The nail must be longer than the combined thickness of the parts.
  2. Using blind rivet pliers, the pulling pin can be clamped and pulled into the nail sleeve. By squeezing the pliers (several times), the pulling pin is put under increasing strain. This deforms the nail sleeve, the protruding part is stretched or 'pucked up'.
  3. The pin eventually breaks off during the pinching, as soon as sufficient force is applied to it. A strong connection is created which can only be undone mechanically, e.g. by drilling.


Easy to use
The specially designed quick-change head can be used without tools and makes it easy to quickly adjust the size without the need for extra tools. As a result, your projects will be completed faster and you will save time.

Little force required
The comfortable handles with the specially designed hinges provide a leverage effect, maximising your strength and making operation even easier. This also makes it easy to use in places that are more difficult to reach.

Strong and durable
The Taik™ Blind rivet tongs are made of strong, thick and hardened steel with a special heat treatment that provides an extra strong steel. In addition, it is also finished with a special phosphor treatment, which protects your tools against rust. This ensures a long lifespan.

Most used sizes
Comes in the most common sizes, so you will never have a problem with the size.



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